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    Ideas for Backyard Waterfalls

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Waterfalls are one of the most beloved features of the natural world. It’s not only mesmerizing to watch water fall from great heights; the sound it makes can be very relaxing. If you love waterfalls, you should have a professional recreate this natural wonder on your property. Here are a few wonderful ideas for backyard waterfalls:  


    If you want your pool to look more like a lush lagoon, have a professional install a waterfall. There are numerous ways to incorporate a waterfall into your pool; for example, you might install two halves of a pool at different heights and connect them with a waterfall. If you prefer, you might install a waterfall on the edge of your pool to create a fun feature for the kids.


    A waterfall is also an excellent means of connecting your spa with your pool. If you want to go from your spa to your pool, all you have to do is follow the water! Also, the hot water from your spa can help heat the water in your pool. If you install a large enough spa, you could even give it its very own waterfall.


    If you’ve always wanted a waterfall as part of your landscape, simply have a professional install one. A meandering, gently sloping waterfall can give your landscape irresistible natural charm. You might consider installing lights along your waterfall and let it come alive at night.  


    To complete your backyard paradise, you might have your garden waterfall begin or end with a tranquil pond. Installing a pond in your yard opens a whole realm of possibilities, including beautiful koi and lily pads. You’ll find that there’s nothing quite like relaxing next to your pond and waterfall after a hard day at work.

    Texas Pools and Patios will gladly discuss your vision for a backyard waterfall. While we’re on the subject of outdoor home improvements, we can discuss a custom pool, outdoor kitchen, or relaxing patio. Call our San Antonio or Austin office at (888) 709-5586, and get one step closer to creating your own backyard oasis.

    Reasons to Choose a Custom Pool

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Installing a pool in your backyard is a wonderful investment in both your property and your future fun. If you’re going to do it, however, you should do it right; instead of putting in a cookie-cutter above-ground pool, you should have a professional install an elegant custom pool.

    Hiring a professional pool installation firm is the only way to ensure that your pool becomes an integrated part of your property’s aesthetic. When you opt for a custom pool, you have the opportunity to choose the pool’s tiles, shape, water features, and all other elements. You don’t have to settle for a pool that’s too small or too big—with the help of a custom pool builder, you can build a pool that’s just right.

    To get started on your custom pool, contact the experts at Texas Pools and Patios. From start to finish, we’ll build your custom pool according to your specifications. Call (888) 709-5586 or visit our website to find out why we’re one of the most trusted pool, patio, and deck builders in South Central Texas.

    Tips for Cleaning Your Pool

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Nothing beats hanging out in your own backyard pool on a hot summer’s day. However, you might not have such a great time if you fail to properly maintain your pool.

    In this video, a pool expert demonstrates an important aspect of pool maintenance: bleeding the air filter. If you fail to bleed the air filter at least once every six months, your filter could suffer considerable damage. Before the expert in the video turns on the pool’s pump, he makes sure that the filter’s safety features and locks are all engaged.

    To learn more about pool maintenance, or to install your very own custom pool, call Texas Pools and Patios at (888) 709-5586. We’ve been installing pools and patios in San Antonio and Austin for 40 years. Visit our website to see our gallery of completed projects.

    Backyard Design And Pool Construction Ideas

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Have you enjoyed reading about great backyard design features and the pool construction process in our recent blog posts? If you have, you may also find the information enshrined in the following articles to be helpful. To speak with an experienced custom pool construction expert in San Antonio about having a pool, patio, or outdoor kitchen constructed in your backyard, call Texas Pools and Patios at (888) 709-5586.

    Developing a Lap Swimming Routine in Your New Pool

    Last updated 1 year ago

    If you have recently installed a new pool in your backyard, you are likely trying to determine the best way to establish a lap swimming routine. Swimming provides an excellent cardiovascular and muscle building exercise. Because of its low impact, swimming allows one to vigorously work out while placing minimal stress on the bones and joints. Begin by swimming horizontally in the pool, using your preferred swimming stroke. Push your hands through the water with each stroke, avoiding lifting your hands out of the water. Roll your body slightly from side to side with each stroke, inhaling while your body is rolled to the side.

    Texas Pools and Patios can assist you in transforming your outdoor living spaces. Whether you are interested in designing and creating a custom pool, deck, spa, patio, or cabana, our team can help! Call us today at (888) 709-5586 to schedule a free a consultation and to get a project estimate.

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